Contribution: House Party Cinderella

Contributed by: “anonymous”

Being in high school is probably to meet cute girls and play pranks on them that involves stealing one of their shoes. I’ve bee lucky enough to snatch sneakers, boots and even surprisingly a high heel a couple of times. But before you even think about taking a girl’s shoe you have to take into a few things into consideration.

Do you know her well enough for her to feel comfortable with you taking off her shoe unwillingly. Even you are friends with her you still have to wait for the right opportunity to take her shoe. Like perhaps she played a prank on you first by stealing your phone so you can use this as an excuse to steal one of her shoes as revenge.

But even though I befriended quite a few cute chicks near the end of high school. There were still many of hot girls that I never got to enter my social circle. Some were younger than me and others didn’t have the same classes as me so the opportunity to socialise with them never came up.

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The Surprise Present

I never dealt well with surprise presents and my girlfriend, a few years ago, wanted to surprise me with concert tickets. I wasn’t sure why she, let’s call her Angel, kept stalling that day, but she knew I had already made plans to hang out with my friends for that specific weekend, and with each passing hour we spent together, I grew more and more agitated knowing that I wasn’t going to make it in time to see my other friends.

To her credit, Angel held firm and pretended not to know much and continued stalling. She pretended she needed to go shopping for new shoes. Angel was wearing ankle boots with a nice bow design on the side, tight dark jeans, and a leather jacket on top. She took her sweet time in every store, making sure the associate brought her a few different sizes of each pair she wanted to try. My patience, on the other hand, was wearing thin.

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Contribution: Knocked Her Shoe on to the Train Tracks

Contributed by: “anonymous”

Stealing a girl’s shoe as a kid is always fun but the amount of time you can keep her shoeless and embarrassed is always temporary since there’s always that moment where you inevitably have to give it back to her so you don’t get into trouble. As a fetishists there’s few things more satisfying than the feeling of wrestling and slipping off a girl’s shoe off of her foot. The resistance the girl puts against being deprived of a shoe the more of an accomplishment it is when her shoe is dislodged from her foot. It’s always great to see what kind of socks she’s wearing or what her toes look like all curled in shock and embarrassment.

But as exciting shoe stealing is the opportunities for you to do it are obviously limited because you can’t keep taking off a cute girl’s shoe off. You have to be in at least a friendly and playful relationship with her before you can even think about taking her shoe off. As you get older the opportunity to do these kind of pranks get more rare as the environment becomes more mature and professional.

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Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals are seemingly making a comeback, especially with their popularity in the hip hop community. With such hit songs like “Gucci Flip Flops” it’s helped fuel this trend. I still remember when this was a thing during my high school years, where girls would wear slides with socks. It was an odd look, to be honest, but there was always so much potential for shoe loss.

Judy hung out with the popular girls in our school. At this time, we didn’t always eat lunch together and the girls would roam the hallways as a pack. The guys didn’t usually say much, especially me as I was still a little shy around the girls.

It was normal to see girls wearing slides and socks as it was the fashion trend that usually started in the spring and would end in the fall.

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Yet Another Movie Date

I seem to find myself in great situations in movie theaters, and maybe those who are reading these stories have had similar experiences. I had been seeing this girl, Erica, for a while now, but we had not really progressed very far in our relationship. I could tell she really wanted to go to the next level, but having just come off a long-term relationship myself, I wasn’t interested in moving fast or meaningless sex.

One night, I picked Erica up from a local bar and restaurant. She had been with her friends and apparently had a little too much to drink, or so she said.

“I’m kind of drunk,” she told me.

My first instinct was to drive her home, but she insisted on going to watch a movie with me as that was our plan.

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Contribution: Mystery of the Missing Boot

Contributed by: “Ricky”

My little group of friends meet in the lunchroom before school every morning. On Monday morning we all showed up and as always Gwen arrived first. She is one of the most popular girls in school, as well as the hottest girl in school, and she knew it.

Gwen said that “the weirdest thing happened to me this morning. I was going to wear my favorite boots today and could only find one of them. It’s not the first time that has happened.”

I ask her “what do you mean?”

Gwen explained that she had a no shoes in the house rule and she has to keep her shoes/boots in the hall closest. For the last week, her shoes/boots have been disappearing. One shoe a day.

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Backseat Driver

I think women secretly like to embarrass other women. Maybe it’s not a big secret, but anyways, this happened to me a few years ago. I was driving a small sports coupe and had to pick-up two passengers. The thing with sports coupe is that there really isn’t much room in the back of the car.


So, it was decided that Jessie would sit in the back. Jessie made sense as she was very skinny and only 5’3, whereas Helen was a little bit heavier and a sizeable 5’7. Jessie didn’t put up much of a fight and squeezed her way into the back of the car.

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