Contribution: Cinderella Fun

Contributed by: “TeeJay”

My first exposure to a girl having her shoes taken occurred in 8th grade about 1960. Crossing the school playground at recess I saw 3 of the 7th grade girls walking together and noticed two were grabbing the upper arms of the middle girl and laughing as they were stepping on the backs of her penny loafers and pulling her along with them. The victim had a strange expression – humiliation, embarrassment, chagrin – I had to stop and watch to see what was happening. As soon as the right shoe was off her heel and she was forced to take another step, her foot was almost out of the loafer and the girl on that side kicked the shoe off and it skidded about 10 feet in front of them. Within seconds the other loafer was loose and also kicked away. The victim was giggling and whining about her loafers. The others each quickly grabbed a loafer and took off across the playground to the girls side waving their trophies, laughing in glee and leaving the hapless victim to follow in her white crew socks.

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Contribution: The Gang

Contributed by: “none”

I’m not sure if this is the kind of story you’re looking for, but I live in Chicago, which has some pretty shady neighborhoods. A few years ago, a girl friend and I were at some bar in the not-so-nice part of town.

My friend must have pissed off the wrong girls in that bar because as we were leaving, a group of ten or so girls followed us out of the bar.

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Contribution: Falling Apart

Contributed by: “Somebody”

This happened about ten years ago, when I was 9 and my mum was 33. I have to say that I wasn’t aware of my foot fetish at that age, but I was weirdly interested in girl’s feet. When I was hanging out with my friends from school, we always played games that involved feet: tickling, stealing shoes, walking barefoot, etc. Of course, all of these games were initiated by me because I knew that that ‘special feeling’ comes when feet is involved. That’s probably why I remember what happened that morning when my mum was taking me to school by foot because it was nice and warm day so well.
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The Donation

This isn’t really a story about shoe loss, but nonetheless, I think it’s a feel good story to share.

Kaitlyn and I once worked together in the mall (this was during my early university days). Kaitlyn worked as a sales rep for cell phones and would be on her feet constantly. On this day, she and I were going to hang out after work, by hang out, it usually meant that we would go shopping.

We walked around the mall, as usual, and on this day, Kaitlyn happened to find what she deemed the perfect pair of shoes because they were meant to be hers. They were a pair of pink heels from Zara. They only had one pair left, in her size, and they were on clearance! The stars were aligned and Kaitlyn was absolutely ecstatic with her find.

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Contribution: House Party Cinderella

Contributed by: “anonymous”

Being in high school is probably to meet cute girls and play pranks on them that involves stealing one of their shoes. I’ve bee lucky enough to snatch sneakers, boots and even surprisingly a high heel a couple of times. But before you even think about taking a girl’s shoe you have to take into a few things into consideration.

Do you know her well enough for her to feel comfortable with you taking off her shoe unwillingly. Even you are friends with her you still have to wait for the right opportunity to take her shoe. Like perhaps she played a prank on you first by stealing your phone so you can use this as an excuse to steal one of her shoes as revenge.

But even though I befriended quite a few cute chicks near the end of high school. There were still many of hot girls that I never got to enter my social circle. Some were younger than me and others didn’t have the same classes as me so the opportunity to socialise with them never came up.

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The Surprise Present

I never dealt well with surprise presents and my girlfriend, a few years ago, wanted to surprise me with concert tickets. I wasn’t sure why she, let’s call her Angel, kept stalling that day, but she knew I had already made plans to hang out with my friends for that specific weekend, and with each passing hour we spent together, I grew more and more agitated knowing that I wasn’t going to make it in time to see my other friends.

To her credit, Angel held firm and pretended not to know much and continued stalling. She pretended she needed to go shopping for new shoes. Angel was wearing ankle boots with a nice bow design on the side, tight dark jeans, and a leather jacket on top. She took her sweet time in every store, making sure the associate brought her a few different sizes of each pair she wanted to try. My patience, on the other hand, was wearing thin.

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Contribution: Knocked Her Shoe on to the Train Tracks

Contributed by: “anonymous”

Stealing a girl’s shoe as a kid is always fun but the amount of time you can keep her shoeless and embarrassed is always temporary since there’s always that moment where you inevitably have to give it back to her so you don’t get into trouble. As a fetishists there’s few things more satisfying than the feeling of wrestling and slipping off a girl’s shoe off of her foot. The resistance the girl puts against being deprived of a shoe the more of an accomplishment it is when her shoe is dislodged from her foot. It’s always great to see what kind of socks she’s wearing or what her toes look like all curled in shock and embarrassment.

But as exciting shoe stealing is the opportunities for you to do it are obviously limited because you can’t keep taking off a cute girl’s shoe off. You have to be in at least a friendly and playful relationship with her before you can even think about taking her shoe off. As you get older the opportunity to do these kind of pranks get more rare as the environment becomes more mature and professional.

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