The Grass is Greener

Sarah was a friend of mine who many of the guys liked. She was carefree and never really let anything bother her. It also didn’t hurt that she was a smoking hot blonde with an athletic body. She was on the basketball team and volleyball team in high school, but decided to pursue her studies and passed on volleyball scholarships when it came time for college.

I would like to think that on some level, guys have a sort of simplistic telepathy. For example, once while hanging at the park, the guys, without saying a word, somehow coordinated a plan to steal Sarah’s shoe.

It all started when Sarah borrowed one of the guys’ sweatshirts without asking.It wasn’t such a big deal until the guy wanted it back. I think Sarah liked him, but for those curious, they never got together (maybe the immaturity behind the shoe stealing had something to do with it). Sarah didn’t want to return it to the rightful owner.

From there, things escalated. When the guy couldn’t get his sweater back, a game of tug-of-war started. Sarah’s hands were wrapped around the sweater and she wasn’t letting go. She was having a great time, but the guy wasn’t amused.

Sarah even sat down and applied “dead weight” to the sweater. It wasn’t going to be leaving her hands.

But sitting down was her downfall as the guy, instinctively, grabbed her right foot and pried her shoe off leaving Sarah with her exposed white ankle sock.

This is where the telepathy part comes to play as all the guys that were out with Sarah decided to join in on a massive game of monkey in the middle.

The usually carefree Sarah was amused to be in this situation. From most of the experiences I’ve seen with girls missing footwear, some will hop, some will tip toe, and others will just give up without a fight. Sarah, however, didn’t seem to mind and played along as her shoe was thrown in every direction. The most telling sign was that Sarah was walking flat-footed the entire time.

Her exposed sock was turning an earthy green shade with brown stains of dirt. Sarah didn’t stop. She kept the game up and willingly ran back and forth for her shoe.


The guys didn’t relent either. Laughing as they teased her by waving her shoe in her face before throwing it to the next participant. Perhaps Sarah enjoyed the extra attention, but I never did ask her.

The game lasted for quite some time before Sarah called it off. She had won the respect of the guys for her trials and tribulations that when she finally said that she had enough, the current guy in possession of her shoe immediately returned it to her.

Sarah didn’t mind the grass and dirt that had accumulated under her sock as she casually slipped her foot back into her shoe and continued on her way.

Oh, and through it all, she got to keep the sweater too.


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