Nobody Would Do That

Charity was one of my high school friends. We got a lot closer when we got to university and wound up sharing the same free block to have lunch together everyday. Sometimes Ken would join us (from the Careful Who You Tease story) when he had time, or if he skipped classes. But most of the time, it was just Charity and I.

Charity was a very fashionable individual and she was always one of the best dressed girls that I knew. Blundstone boots were starting to become a thing and Charity was the first person to tell me about them. Now, the traditional Blundstone boots was a boring brown or black color, but Charity, being the fashionista that she was, bought a pair of red ones. I didn’t really care for the shoes, and to be honest, they were kind of ugly in my eyes, but who am I to judge fashion?

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Halloween Socks

Socks. Socks used to be an afterthought for some. Now, both men and women, strive to have a decent sock collection. For my friend, Jamie, she had always avoided the plain world of white and black socks. The only time she wore those colours was when she playing sports.

Jamie and I shared a lot of classes in freshman year in university. That’s how we became close and that’s how I knew about her obsession on socks. Well maybe it was more my obsession that revealed itself to her. By that, I mean she caught me staring at her feet during class.

How Jamie caught me was because I was spacing out in class. This was common for me, and that probably explained why my grades weren’t up to par (but that’s a story for another time). I remember staring blankly ahead, but with my head slightly angled downward. The lecture auditorium was angled downward. Jamie, however, had worn her Adidas Superstars sneakers with slightly cropped jeans. Her legs were sticking in front of the table and I could see her purple ankle socks peeking through the edges of her sneakers. She moved her feet slightly and my eyes followed. Then she lifted her foot up, directly to my line of sight before she gently pushed me and broke my trance.

“You like my socks?”

I was caught.

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The Refund

I was hanging out with a woman I was seeing at the time. Let’s call her Carol. Carol and I were getting ready for our third date and decided to meet at the nearby mall downtown after work. Carol was dressed well, a beautiful white dress with black heels. I was a slob compared to her. My company didn’t have much of a dress code and I took full advantage of it.

As we were walking through the mall, Carol began to complain about her shoes not feeling right. She had just purchased a pair of brand new Guess pumps during the week and something was wrong with them. At first she assumed it was just because they were new, but the more she walked, the more it bothered her.

Finally, as she took another step, the sole of her brand new pump was beginning to separate from the shoe!

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Contribution: Pranked Downtown

Contributed by: Abzapthane

A few years ago, I was walking around downtown when I saw a group 4 or 5 college girls walk by. They were dressed in athletic wear, but they didn’t look like they had done any sports or exercise yet. I figure they were on the way to an event or something. The girls were happy, laughing while they walked down the streets. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, but one girl in particular caught my eye. She had a pair of athletic shoes hanging from her shoulder, tied at the laces. They were a pair of black and white Nike Free (similar to the picture added). I quickly did a double-take at the group and noticed all of them were wearing their running shoes. It didn’t make sense that one of them would have a pair of shoes hanging over her shoulder.

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Bullied for Shoes

Alice was the daughter of one of my parents’ close friends. Growing up, I was around her often as she was my babysitter. She was 6 years older than I was, so when I was in grade school, she had started middle school. By the time Alice had entered high school, I was just learning how to multiply.

Alice did come from one of the more well off families as only her father had to work and they owned a nice home near the end of the school boundary. As a result of their location, Alice would always have to walk a block or two to the last school bus stop. She went to a decent public school in the area. It wasn’t great, as it had its fair share of bad apples, but it was better than most.

I’ve always thought of Alice as a sweet girl. I was obviously biased as she was the one who watched over me since I was learning how to count. It wasn’t until her junior year that I learned how cruel the world could really be.

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Dance Like No One is Watching

I had a mutual friend in high school named Katie. I hung out with her a few times every now and then, but she was no more than a Facebook acquaintance at best. It wasn’t until she moved away and became the roommate of one of my best friends that I became closer to her.

Let me preface this by saying two things:

  1. This isn’t a specific story and isn’t really a shoe loss story, but rather a thought.
  2. The image attached here is just a random Google image

I learned from Katie that this whole shoeless situation was more of a state of mind than it was an activity or chore. Yes, I have friends who are deathly scared of being caught in public without shoes, so much so that even trying on shoes is a chore to them. Then there are those who read the situation, typically with a little alcohol they loosen up, and let loose. And then there were those like my friend Katie.

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