Dance Like No One is Watching

I had a mutual friend in high school named Katie. I hung out with her a few times every now and then, but she was no more than a Facebook acquaintance at best. It wasn’t until she moved away and became the roommate of one of my best friends that I became closer to her.

Let me preface this by saying two things:

  1. This isn’t a specific story and isn’t really a shoe loss story, but rather a thought.
  2. The image attached here is just a random Google image

I learned from Katie that this whole shoeless situation was more of a state of mind than it was an activity or chore. Yes, I have friends who are deathly scared of being caught in public without shoes, so much so that even trying on shoes is a chore to them. Then there are those who read the situation, typically with a little alcohol they loosen up, and let loose. And then there were those like my friend Katie.

Katie was nicknamed Ms. Black Feet by my best friend (her roommate) because Katie would mostly wind up in her bare feet by the end of a night out. Sometimes it happened because her feet hurt and Katie wanted to walk back to campus. Other times, she was drunk and walking in her heels became a chore. Most commonly, however, she just wanted to dance without her shoes on and would never put them back on. I guess there wasn’t a point as she would just dirty the insides of them.

Katie was given the unflattering nickname because of her penance for not having shoes on. Now don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen all the time, but happened enough that she earned the nickname. Also, Katie only did it when she was wearing high heels, never boots, sneakers, or well, any kind of shoe that would seem comfortable. I’m sure there are people out there who understand Katie’s mindset in that heels were the absolute antithesis of having a good time.


Katie was also very smart and quick-witted. She would argue that dancing without shoes on a night out was no different than ladies kicking off their heels at a wedding when the dance floor opened up. But again, it was more of a state of mind for her; to be comfortable. Again, I know there are ladies who would rather “gut it out” instead of being caught shoeless on communal floors.

I had the pleasure of going clubbing with Katie a few times, and I can attest that she lived up to her nickname. The most memorable moment I had with her was lining up outside of one of the fancier clubs in town. She had black stiletto heels on and a nice black dress that was covered by her jacket. When we finally made it to the front, the bouncer reluctantly let me in (she got in no problem). When we approached the coat check, Katie actually took her shoes off and checked them in with her jacket!

Her reason? She just needed to wear them long enough to get through the bouncers for the sake of the dress code… and being practical she didn’t want to lose her shoes.

Looking back, it’s funny to think about how different some people’s reactions are based on whether or not they are currently wearing footwear. I never did try to tease her by stealing her shoes or anything like that. I think this was because she wouldn’t have cared or more likely, Katie would have already been barefoot.


One thought on “Dance Like No One is Watching

  1. Wonderful… And me also – I’m a Black Feet in my country, Romania. I don’t like to wear shoes. They are good for fashion, but not for health. Not for me. No … My bare feet are the best shoes in the world. My happiness. My pleasure to be free … in direct contact with the Earth …with my Nature mother.
    Thank you dear Katie, and all the best, with health and happiness … in peace !



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