Contribution: Pranked Downtown

Contributed by: Abzapthane

A few years ago, I was walking around downtown when I saw a group 4 or 5 college girls walk by. They were dressed in athletic wear, but they didn’t look like they had done any sports or exercise yet. I figure they were on the way to an event or something. The girls were happy, laughing while they walked down the streets. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, but one girl in particular caught my eye. She had a pair of athletic shoes hanging from her shoulder, tied at the laces. They were a pair of black and white Nike Free (similar to the picture added). I quickly did a double-take at the group and noticed all of them were wearing their running shoes. It didn’t make sense that one of them would have a pair of shoes hanging over her shoulder.

It was in one of those moments where my “6th Sense” or “Spider Sense” was telling me that something wasn’t quite right.

I continued to walk as the group of girls continued on their way, laughing happily.

Similar shoes to these.

I may have walked around two or three small downtown blocks before I saw another girl, wearing similar athletic clothing, running toward me. As she got closer, I realized that she was shoeless. I heard the sound of her white ankle socks hitting the pavement, making an unusually quiet thud instead of the sound that shoes usually made.

As she got up close, the girl stopped me and asked if I had seen a group of girls walk by. I told her she had just missed them and they were probably a few blocks up the street now. She looked disappointed in my answer, but before she started to run off again, I asked her why.

She told me that she was on the subway with her friends and they were on their way to an event downtown. While on the train, her friends stole her shoes. She didn’t think they would get off the train with her shoes, but they did and she got off a stop after and she’s been trying to find them ever since.

I asked if she needed help, but she said she would be fine. She said she was no worse for wear, except her socks. With that, she lifted her foot up and laughed as she showed me the bottom of her white ankle sock, now a very dark shade of grey. She continued to run the other direction and that was the last I saw of her. I wish I had followed her though. I wonder how long it took before she found her friends and if she even bothered to put her shoes back on after.


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