Truth or Dare

Sometimes you get that premonition that something could happen. My premonitions almost always came at the expense of one of my friends experience shoe loss. It’s not much of a talent, but sometimes I could see the scenario playing out long before it actually happened.

On this occasion, a group of us were hanging out at the mall. There was one girl and about five guys (including myself). The girl, we’ll name her Lisa, had a crush on one of us. I wasn’t sure which one of us it was though. Lisa had a plan, but I don’t think she thought it out thoroughly.

Lisa started a game of Truth or Dare. The problem was, Lisa didn’t think we would all gang up on her.

“I’ll start,” Lisa said, “and then whoever I ask gets to choose next.”

The guys groaned but since we were just loitering on the streets, wandering as we looked for the next things to do, we begrudgingly accepted.

“Truth or dare?” Lisa asked one of the guys.


“Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?”


Lisa was being subtle. She didn’t go right after the guy she liked, but I could tell she was going to work her way up to it.

“Truth,” Lisa responded as she was re-challenged by the guy she had just asked.

“Do you like someone here?”

“Yes,” Lisa said as she blushed.

“Truth or dare?” Lisa asked another one.

It took a few rounds, but the formula was almost always the same. Lisa would challenge one of the guys and the guys would immediately challenge her back. Lisa always chose truth though, and it got tiresome.

“Come on Lisa! You always choose truth!”

“Fine,” Lisa said, “dare! Happy?”

Again, I think Lisa only played along because she didn’t get the answer she was looking for yet.

Now, for some reason, I had a feeling that Lisa would lose one of her shoes today. She wore Converse sneakers with low-cut white socks. I could barely see the socks showing through the top of her shoes.

“What’s my dare?” Lisa asked.

After the guys debated for a while, they came up with her challenge. Lisa had to pretend that one of her shoes was her phone and would have to take her shoe off to answer an imaginary call in the middle of the street.

Lisa reluctantly untied the Converse sneaker and revealed her low-cut white sock.

“Hello?” she said as she laughed.

“Uh huh,” she pretended to talk into her shoe phone. Lisa rested her white socked foot gently on the concrete ground.

“Ok bye!” Lisa said and set her shoe back down.

“Wait,” one of the guys said, “that’s not fair. You barely even talked.”

“You guys didn’t say how long I have to do it.”

The guys groaned at Lisa’s lack of cooperation. They started to taunt her as the whole game was her idea and she was only being semi-receptive.

“Those are cool shoes,” another guy said, “can I see?”

Lisa picked her empty shoe back up and passed it to the guy.

“Cool,” he said and started walking away.


“No!” Lisa yelled as she hobbled after him.

Soon a game of keep away ensued and Lisa was caught in the middle. Wandering the streets in one Converse and one white sock. She was not amused and hopped most of the time, trying to avoid the unhappy fate of getting her sock dirty. The most Lisa did was tip-toe on her socked foot on the dirty street.

“My sock is getting dirty!” Lisa complained.

The guys just laughed.

“Give me my shoe back!”

It took a while, but finally, one of the guys grabbed the shoe and passed it back to Lisa. Lisa lifted her foot up slightly to check the damage to her sock. Her toes and the ball of her foot were marked in a shade of grey – which showed up prominently on her white sock.

She tried to pat her sock clean before jamming it back into her shoe.

“You guys are the worst!” Lisa said.

Don’t feel too bad for Lisa though. She did find out if the guy she liked actually liked her back. He did. He was the one who gave her shoe back.


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