Contribution: Teenagers Have Fun

Contributed by: “Mark”

I was shopping at the mall when my attention shifted to a group of teenagers being exceptionally rowdy. There was a group of 6 of them, 5 boys and 1 girl. The girl seemed to be tagging along with the rowdy boys as they made their way through the mall, laughing at an obnoxiously high volume.

They were all dressed in skater style clothing. Jeans that didn’t seem to fit, skate shoes, and t-shirts with ironic band names or unbuttoned flannel shirts. The girl had a pair of black Vans, the type that are popular again today.

I didn’t think too much about them as I was heading the other way. They were loud enough, at least the boys were, that I could still hear them after I had turned the corner.

As I was finishing up with my errands as the mall, I could hear the familiar sound of the loud group of teenagers again. They were close.

This time though, something was different. There were four boys laughing heartily as they made their way to the exit. I caught a quick glimpse of something black in each of their hands. They looked like shoes. My first thought was that they had ripped off some shoes at some poor store, but that changed as I saw the fifth boy follow at a fairly long distance behind.

The boy was carrying the girl on his back, piggyback style, and her feet were extended forward. I could see what had happened. Those were her shoes that the other boys had in their hands. She was left in her white socks, but at least one of the boys was decent enough to stay behind and carry her.

But she must have lost her shoes for quite sometime as her socks were quite filthy on the bottom. She must have caught me staring at her predicament as she kicked her feet as they drew near me.

“They took my shoes!” she yelled and laughed as the boy diligently carried her.

Unfortunately for her, the boy had to put her down to open the exit doors of the mall. Together, the two walked outside, the girl, still in her white socks, had to continue her journey for her shoes in just her white socks.

I didn’t follow them anymore after that, though I wish I had. I wonder if she ever got them back.


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