Gym Punishment

There was a girl named Kayla in my high school gym class. She was part of another clique, so I never really talked to her much. However, there was always one thing about her that stuck out and that was she was always late for gym class. It was always the first class of our day, and either she always slept in or just didn’t care enough to show up on time.

By the time our teacher was ready to take attendance, Kayla and sometimes with her two girlfriends, would be running to the line-up for attendance. Sometimes Kayla would be running in just her socks as she carried her shoes in her hand, untied. The soft padding of her socked feet on the ground was very distinct. Best of all, if Kayla ran fast enough, she would perform a small slide as she slid into position.

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The Lost Bet

Sometimes people bring the worst upon themselves. In high school, my close group of friends would seemingly hang out every weekend. On this day, however, one of the girls made a terrible decision. Her name was Kathy. She was probably the most tomboyish out of the group of girls we hung out with. Let me clarify that a little – she had the most boyish personality out of the girls. For example, she loved video games, cars, and sports (namely hockey). However, she was still one of the girls in that she dressed fashionably well and worked part-time at one of the popular clothing chains.

We were hanging out at one of the guys’ houses and he dusted off his old Super Nintendo. Kathy immediately grabbed the copy of Super Mario Kart and challenged anyone to play. To her credit, Kathy was incredibly good. We played battle mode mostly, and she was virtually unbeatable.

Kathy started a personal rivalry with one of the guys who was able to stop her reign of terror – we’ll call him Steve. We played with rules that the loser of each round would have to rotate out so the next time Kathy and Steve got to play, the stakes were raised.

First time around, the loser would have to pay for the next time we went out for dinner. Then, it became the loser would have to do the other’s homework. It got to the point that Steve proposed the loser go streaking at school. Kathy obviously turned that down.

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