Contribution: Tricks, Tips, and Flops

Contributed by: “Axila”

Most of you are probably here for the same reason I am, and I’m going to take an educated guess that you’ve been in a situation where you’ve met a girl who made you think to yourself: “Damn, she’s absolutely adorable and I need to find a way to get her shoe separated from her foot.”

In high school this can pretty common, it can range from fellow students or even a teacher. Here are few tips and tricks that I’ve used in the past with much success but also a few warnings. The way you get her shoe off can either be made look like an accident or a prank if she’s comfortable around you.

Like I said before if you want to deshoe someone you have to have a strategy that can be affected by various factors like where you are, what type of shoe you want to remove and how well you know the person.

If you wanted to get a shoe off the foot a teacher or another woman who you are not completely familiar with then steps and lowcut, strapless and loosely tied shoes are your friends. What I mean by that, these two elements combined with the right timing and pressure you can get any woman to have a shoeless foot temporarily without any suspicion. If she wears flats, loafers or any other type of shoe type requires little effort to slip on and off that can be used to her disadvantage. Because the same effort she uses to put her foot inside the shoe can be used force her foot out of it. Basically any shoe that aren’t boots and don’t cover the ankles because oxfords, mary janes and certain sneakers can be knocked off with ease. The way steps come into play is how you can knock her shoe off and make it look like an accident. Here’s the most likely situation where this trick can be used. When she’s walking up stairs make sure that you’re behind her, she lifts her foot from one step to another quickly step on the back of her shoe. If everything goes well for you and wrong for her, the shoe will be dislodged from her heel then slip off her toes. This technique works the easiest with flats but with slightly more effort you can knock off a high heel too. This trick isn’t limited to work while walking up stairs. You can try this while she’s getting on a bus or you have possibly stuck in one shoe for awhile if you knock her shoe on train track if you step on the back of it while she’s stepping onto a train.

Now here’s the literally more hands on approach. This trick is essentially what this entire blog is dedicated to but I’m going break it down to how I make it work for myself and possibly how you can adapt to this.

If the girl who want to make into a Cinderella is on good terms with you socially start testing the waters to how comfortable she is with. For starters the relationship that you two have can be purely platonic. Because if you do this right she’ll just think that it’s just some silly boyish prank and not suspect any fetishisation behind your intentions. To see if she’s cool with you try out seeing interested in what you say during casual conversations, then in interject some banter with some jokey insults a decent back and forth is definitely a good sign. Later on you can check whether ok with you touching and doing pranks with her.

But even if you have a playful platonic relationship with her you have to wait for the right opportunity to pull off her shoe. Like example if shoes are somehow brought up in a conversation or if she stole something from as a prank you can get her back by stealing her shoe. Here’s an example of opportunity that worked one time but failed the second time. Untied laces can be a very good excuse to get your hands on a girl’s shoe if you offer to tie for her shoe. First time I did this I was on a bus going home from school with a friend. Her boot was untied and then I saw my chance. I untied completely, slip it off her foot before she could realised that she was being robbed of a boot. She was cute but really slow to pick up on things. This was like the fourth time she got her shoe stolen and two of those times were by other people. I witheld the boot from her for a short while before giving it back.

But that was back in high school. Now in adult life the chance to pop off a shoe from a girl’s from is alot more rare and difficult to pull off in figuratively and literally. Recently I there’s been this girl at work who’s caught my eye. At first I didn’t think much of her until her cuteness and bubbly attitude grew on me. So eventually I knew wanted to get her shoeless but I didn’t know how. She wears tightly laced high top sneakers with what I imagine to be some pretty thick socks . There was one time in high school that I successfully stole a converse from a friend but that was a real struggle since I remembered that it was not only a pain to untie the laces but converses on their own very tight so I practically had to wrestle it off her foot the only thing that made it easy on me was that my friend at the time was one the ground kicking at me and I managed to use the force from her kicks to propel her shoe off her foot. I don’t want to boast but I think that I have alot of strength in my hands and arms so I was little surprised that taking of a converse was harder than getting boots. I thought I had my chance to get her shoe off through a prank when I saw that one of her sneakers were untied and it was during break. I offered to tie it back up for her. I untied her sneaker completely thinking I was on the right track to stealing her shoe. I slowly lifted her foot off the ground then she started realize that my actual goal was to get her shoe off. As tried taking it off she hopped towards me as I had foot in my hand it made things more difficult because the force of me attempting to remove the shoe and her hoping towards me were in the same direction. One thing to remember when stealing or removing a shoe from a girl is that the best situation to be in is that the force of her body needs to be in the opposite direction of you and her shoe. For example in elementary shoe there was alot of kicking under tables and occasionally a girl’s foot would be trapped in between a boy’s legs and she would obviously try to pull her foot out of the leg lock but unfortunately that never the end of the boy’s prank on her because the boy would usually loosen the grip around her foot but only for to accidentally slip out of her shoe which would happen pretty easy since at that age girls would usually wear shoes that sre few size too big since they are still growing and silk stockings that have little to no friction.

But here physics wasn’t on my side. My work friend is about 5 ‘2 but many factors saved from being deshoed. For example I tried lifting sneaker off from her heel but I could push her foot out from. I feel her toes widen within the shoe to block me from removing it. Another factor was time. If I had half a minute extra I would have had more time to figure the anatomy of her sneaker to pry it off her foot. But unfortunately we needed to get back to work and I had to abandon my prank. She was laughing hysterically while tied her sneaker back up. So she found it kind of funny. I had to admit the thrill of nearly getting her shoe off was fun but I still plan on getting her shoeless in the future. Maybe not immediately but I have an idea. Basically my chance to get her shoe off by hand is gone since she’s probably now on the defensive for a while.

But I have an idea on how I can use the work environment to my advantage. Since we work in a kitchen I was thinking that food could ‘accidentally’ fall on her shoe she’d be forced to remove it and it could ‘accidentally’ go missing for awhile she’s not looking. I report later on whether I’m successful with this strategy or not.

Anyway I’d like to hear back if any of these tricks and tips I’ve talked have ever been useful to.


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