Wedding Fun

I’ve been lucky to have been invited to a few dozen weddings already – some more memorable than others. On this occasion, one of my friends, Kelly, was acting as the day-of coordinator and her main goals was to make sure that everything went off without a hitch. Included in this goal was to keep an eye on the children. There was a group of young children, all under the age of 8 since most of our friends were still young parents, that were getting rambunctious. Kelly had to do her thing and borderline scolded them like any impatient mother would.

I could tell that keeping the wedding together was putting a lot of pressure on Kelly as demonstrated by the way she handled the children. Kelly didn’t think much of them as they were getting on her nerves. Each time one of the children burst out during the ceremony, Kelly would shoot them the stinkeye.

Now, sometimes mother nature works in mysterious ways. As the ceremony finished, Kelly walked after the bridesmaids and groomsmen to make their exit. As they walked through the grass pathway, being an outdoor wedding, some of the girls struggled as their heels sunk into the ground.

The bride and bridesmaids were all lucky as they had their male counterparts to help them along. Kelly, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky.

As Kelly struggled along, the audience was dismissed and followed the wedding party toward the reception area located on the other side of the grass path. Kelly’s heels started to stick to the ground. To my amazement, Kelly struggled and managed to keep her heels on her feet, but her sticky situation was lagging her behind the wedding party. Kelly, being the stubborn and determined woman that she was, continued to soldier on.

Now came the best part, mother nature showed her head and gave us a gift that day as Kelly’s right foot mistepped and her heel was firmly stuck in the grass.

Kelly, not noticing, immediately walked out of her shoe and her stocking foot touched the damp grass floor.

“Oh my god!” Kelly yelped as she looked down at her one shoed situation.

To make matters worse, the children that she had scolded earlier were just a few steps behind her when they saw her shoe come off.

The young boys immediately grabbed Kelly’s empty shoe and pulled it out of the ground. Instead of handing it back to her, they started a game of keep away.

Kelly, didn’t miss a beat. She didn’t chase after her shoe and instead, walked after the wedding party in her one shoed state. The boys started a game of “monkey in the middle” with Kelly’s shoe.

Like a true wedding coordinator, Kelly delegated a task to the little girls that were in attendance.

“Go get my shoe back please,” Kelly said to the girls, who nodded and went to play with the boys.

It became a game of boys versus girls. The girls trying to get the shoe back for Kelly and the boys trying to keep it for as long as they could.

Kelly continued on with her duties in just one shoe and finally, when it was time for everyone to eat, the children had tired themselves out with their game and one of the little girls returned the shoe to Kelly.

Kelly didn’t put her shoe on, in fact, she took off her remaining shoe and remained in her stocking feet for the rest of the night.

Though it may have seemed weird to some, but after a few drinks and at the end of the night, a few of the girls had kicked off their shoes as well and hit the dance floor.

So, after all was said and done, Kelly losing her shoe had probably benefited her the most. The children tired themselves out with their childish games and she didn’t seem out of place by the end of the night when the rest of the girls had joined her shoeless trend.


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