Contribution: A Bet is a Bet

Contibuted by: “Blake”

I’m on the rodeo team in High school. We are a tight group as we are always together. We practice every day. There are 4 girls on the team and 5 guys. One of the girls is named Sierra. She is the best barrel racer out of the girls on the team and can rope pretty good. She is all girl in looks.

We were at practice one day and she was having a good day and catching every time the rope left her hand.  She was breaking her own best times.

Sierra started saying she could out rope any guy on the team and she would not stop the taunting. We finally had enough and told her, “put your money where your mouth is.”

Sierra said, “five dollars from everyone I beat.”

Mark asked, “What if you lose?”

Sierra said, “I’m not worried so y’all decide.”

Mark agreed on behalf of the group.

We started our mini competition and Sierra’s luck had seemed to change. She lost 5 out of 9 events. Sierra was so mad she kept saying double or nothing. We include one-barrel race to see how she would do.

Mark finally had enough and said, “Ok we start over and you add your right boot if you lose.”

Sierra said, “What does that mean?”

Sam chimed in, “It means same money and you’ll be in a socked foot if you lose.”

Sierra said, “No, that’s just weird!”

“Ok, then the bets off,” Mark replied.

“Fine, it’s a bet,” Sierra said, still wondering why we were being weird.

We started again. Sierra lost 4 times in roping and 1 time barrel racing. When we finished for the day. Mark walked over to Sierra to claim the prize.

“So that’s $30 and your right boot for six days.”

“I don’t have the money on me,” Sierra said.

Mark walked over to Sierra. She was still sitting on her horse.

Mark said “Give me your foot.”

Sierra said, “Please don’t take my boot. It’s a stupid bet.”

Mark asked for the money again and again Sierra said she didnt’ have it.

Mark then grabbed her right foot and pulled her boot off.

“You will see this again in six days.”

Sierra just sat there on her horse. She looked at me and stuck her bootless foot out to show her socked foot.

“They took my boot for real!”

The next morning when Sierra got to school I saw her standing around, kind of by herself. I walked over to where she was and ask what’s wrong.

“I don’t want to go in.”

I asked why she was standing behind a wall that was waist high. Sierra responded by lifting her foot. She was wearing her Pink jeans and her left boot her right foot had a white sock on.

“Don’t you have other shoes?”

“Yes” she replied, “but when I got home and walked in my dad asked me why I was missing a boot. I told him I lost it in a bet. He laughed and told me that I made the bet so I have to live with it.”

The guys were waiting for her when she walked in. They gave her a hard time. Sierra asked Mark for her boot, hoping he would give it back. He said he was going to keep it at home. Sierra spent the day trying to keep her foot out of sight.

The second day we had a team meeting with the junior team at the middle school in the cafeteria. Sierra walked over to me.

“Will you sit with me till I have to give my talk?”

I agreed.

It came time for Sierra to walk up on stage. She gave her speech and then the kids started asking questions. This 7th or 8th grader asked Sierra about her missing boot.

“Why do you wear one boot is it for luck or something?”

Sierra looked at me, almost melting, and responded, “Well why do you wear two?”

The girl gave the funniest look and then a teacher said what she meant is not everyone is the same and she is just being who she is. I laughed thinking if you only knew.

After we finished one teacher or parent, not sure which, came up to Sierra and said “I just wanted to thank you for being brave enough to be yourself.”

I almost died. Sierra turned so red.

By the thrid day I guess everyone was bored with the bet, except Mark. It was normal to see Sierra’s bootless foot and dirty sock around school. Sierra had started trying to have fun with it as well. She was wearing bright socks and talking about her new style. I even saw her at the western wear store buying jeans and walked around like it was normal to only wear one boot.

Friday night rolled around, and we had a rodeo. We went together and Sierra barrel raced as she normally did and won as she normally did. Except she did it all missing one boot.

I asked, “do you miss your boot?”

She said, “Sort of, but I wear an extra sock on that foot and that works well.”

“Would you bet your boot again?”

Sierra laughed and said, “Maybe.”



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