Contribution: Mystery of the Missing Boot

Contributed by: “Ricky”

My little group of friends meet in the lunchroom before school every morning. On Monday morning we all showed up and as always Gwen arrived first. She is one of the most popular girls in school, as well as the hottest girl in school, and she knew it.

Gwen said that “the weirdest thing happened to me this morning. I was going to wear my favorite boots today and could only find one of them. It’s not the first time that has happened.”

I ask her “what do you mean?”

Gwen explained that she had a no shoes in the house rule and she has to keep her shoes/boots in the hall closest. For the last week, her shoes/boots have been disappearing. One shoe a day.

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Backseat Driver

I think women secretly like to embarrass other women. Maybe it’s not a big secret, but anyways, this happened to me a few years ago. I was driving a small sports coupe and had to pick-up two passengers. The thing with sports coupe is that there really isn’t much room in the back of the car.


So, it was decided that Jessie would sit in the back. Jessie made sense as she was very skinny and only 5’3, whereas Helen was a little bit heavier and a sizeable 5’7. Jessie didn’t put up much of a fight and squeezed her way into the back of the car.

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Contribution: Stilettos Revenge on Aunt Shirley

Contributed by: “Debbie Keds”

My aunt Shirley used to live with us many years ago when she was recently divorced. During this time, Shirley would borrow my sister’s and mine’s clothes and shoes all of the time. However, Shirley was rather stingy with her own wardrobe.

One day Shirley came home wearing the most delicious pair of 4″ black patent alligator skin classic stilettos I’d ever seen. They were absolutely delicious! I so wanted to wear them, but Shirley would not even let me try them on. I was furious!

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It’s His Birthday

It was a typical lunch time for us in high school. We took our usual spots for lunch, except today, Steph was the only girl at our table. I’m not sure where the other girls went today, but Steph sat with us. She had on a pair of platform sneakers that were tightened with velcro.

We weren’t doing  much until one of my friends, Sam, announced that it was his birthday today. We had all forgotten, and Steph seemed to be especially apologetic for missing it. To be fair, we were all really close and had always found the time to celebrate each other’s birthdays. However, we all somehow missed Sam’s.

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Contribution: A Stolen Heel

Contributed by: William

I was late arriving and the movie theater was almost full. I stood at the back of the theater and I saw two young women towards the front of the theater. From where I was standing I thought that I could see a bare foot resting on the back of the seat in front of them but I was not sure. I slowly walked forward, as if I was looking for a seat. The aisle seat next to them was open. As I got closer my heart started to beat faster, there indeed was a barefoot resting on the back of the seat.  Continue reading “Contribution: A Stolen Heel”

Contribution: Shoe Collection

Contributed by: William

As I had nothing to do that late afternoon I decided to go to the movies. I don’t remember what was showing. As I entered the theater I noticed a young couple sitting and chatting. He had her right leg in his lap and was messing with her shoe. She was wearing penny loafers and he had removed her right shoe. I thought this would be interesting. I love seeing girl’s feet. I thought maybe he would remove her sock also so I sat behind them, one seat over, so I could watch. He was gently massaging her socked foot and she was trying to get her shoe back. I saw him take out a pen and start writing something in her shoe. I wondered what he wrote.

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Stop Smoking Aid

There was a time when Puma shoes were making a huge comeback and almost every girl I knew was wearing a pair of these shoes with the velcro straps. They weren’t ugly, by any means, but they were being over done. I guess the blessing in disguise here is that velcro doesn’t really tighten your shoes as well as laces (at least from my experience) and velcro was a lot easier to loosen than laces.

I had started seeing a girl named Summer, who I had ironically met in one of my summer classes in college. We got to know each when we were both late for class and had to sit together in the back. It really became easy after that as we talked a lot and before you knew it, we were seeing each other by the end of the week.

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