Truth or Dare

Sometimes you get that premonition that something could happen. My premonitions almost always came at the expense of one of my friends experience shoe loss. It’s not much of a talent, but sometimes I could see the scenario playing out long before it actually happened.

On this occasion, a group of us were hanging out at the mall. There was one girl and about five guys (including myself). The girl, we’ll name her Lisa, had a crush on one of us. I wasn’t sure which one of us it was though. Lisa had a plan, but I don’t think she thought it out thoroughly.

Lisa started a game of Truth or Dare. The problem was, Lisa didn’t think we would all gang up on her.

“I’ll start,” Lisa said, “and then whoever I ask gets to choose next.”

The guys groaned but since we were just loitering on the streets, wandering as we looked for the next things to do, we begrudgingly accepted.

“Truth or dare?” Lisa asked one of the guys.

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Another Movie Date

Jenny and I were movie buddies throughout our college years. We would watch all the big blockbusters together and whenever there was some indie film on that she was interested in, you better believe that I would be there.

Jenny had this habit of removing her shoes when she was in the movie theater. She would sit cross-legged most of the time, but if the theater was empty, she would extend her legs and rest them on the seat in front.

This routine never really caused any issues, except for one time. That one time was when Jenny was wearing a pair of Havaiana flip fops and sweat pants. It was early in the summer and the first major box office movie was released. Jenny and I decided to catch one of the first showings and the entire theater was packed.

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Let’s Race

Girls just want to have fun. And sometimes, they’re willing to do some of the most random things to have that fun. During university, I had a bad break-up and one of my friends decided to set me up on a date with one of her close friends. We’ll call her J. I didn’t know J at all, but she added me to Facebook and that’s really all we knew of each other.

We messaged each other a few times over the course of a week before we finally settled on a date for Saturday afternoon in the middle of autumn. She had family plans later in the evening so we compromised.

J was very attractive and very fashionable. Judging by the number of Facebook likes she got each time she updated her profile picture, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

J let me plan the date and I decided we should go ice skating. It was cliche, but it was an easy way to get close to someone, especially since I was comfortable with my own skating ability. J agreed as it was a short event and we could figure out if we wanted to do anything else after that.

I waited for J outside the arena on the cool autumn afternoon, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was that it wasn’t raining outside. It was part of a massive community center that had a swimming pool, running track, library, and of course, the skating arena. As I waited outside, I couldn’t help but wonder how empty the area around the arena was, especially since it was a Saturday afternoon. At the very least, parents would be taking their kids out.

When J arrived, she was wearing a pair of camouflaged pants tucked into her beige tie-up ankle boots, a leather jacket and a tank top. She looked like something you would see on one of those outfit of the day videos or sites.

J’s outfit was almost 99% similar to this

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Nobody Would Do That

Charity was one of my high school friends. We got a lot closer when we got to university and wound up sharing the same free block to have lunch together everyday. Sometimes Ken would join us (from the Careful Who You Tease story) when he had time, or if he skipped classes. But most of the time, it was just Charity and I.

Charity was a very fashionable individual and she was always one of the best dressed girls that I knew. Blundstone boots were starting to become a thing and Charity was the first person to tell me about them. Now, the traditional Blundstone boots was a boring brown or black color, but Charity, being the fashionista that she was, bought a pair of red ones. I didn’t really care for the shoes, and to be honest, they were kind of ugly in my eyes, but who am I to judge fashion?

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Halloween Socks

Socks. Socks used to be an afterthought for some. Now, both men and women, strive to have a decent sock collection. For my friend, Jamie, she had always avoided the plain world of white and black socks. The only time she wore those colours was when she playing sports.

Jamie and I shared a lot of classes in freshman year in university. That’s how we became close and that’s how I knew about her obsession on socks. Well maybe it was more my obsession that revealed itself to her. By that, I mean she caught me staring at her feet during class.

How Jamie caught me was because I was spacing out in class. This was common for me, and that probably explained why my grades weren’t up to par (but that’s a story for another time). I remember staring blankly ahead, but with my head slightly angled downward. The lecture auditorium was angled downward. Jamie, however, had worn her Adidas Superstars sneakers with slightly cropped jeans. Her legs were sticking in front of the table and I could see her purple ankle socks peeking through the edges of her sneakers. She moved her feet slightly and my eyes followed. Then she lifted her foot up, directly to my line of sight before she gently pushed me and broke my trance.

“You like my socks?”

I was caught.

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The Grass is Greener

Sarah was a friend of mine who many of the guys liked. She was carefree and never really let anything bother her. It also didn’t hurt that she was a smoking hot blonde with an athletic body. She was on the basketball team and volleyball team in high school, but decided to pursue her studies and passed on volleyball scholarships when it came time for college.

I would like to think that on some level, guys have a sort of simplistic telepathy. For example, once while hanging at the park, the guys, without saying a word, somehow coordinated a plan to steal Sarah’s shoe.

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The Movie Date

I had just started dating a girl I met in university. Her name was Lisa. I met her through a friend, and not knowing too much about her, I decided the easiest date would be dinner and a movie. Lisa was petite, maybe 5’2, and I was closer to 6’1, so she wore boots with heels on this date.

During dinner, we started to loosen up and started to talk about ourselves a little more. Our conversation started to get personal, but in a playful manner.

“You want to know something weird?” Lisa asked me.


“I’m not ticklish.”

“Not at all?”

“Well maybe a little on my feet, but that’s all.”

“That’s good to know,” I replied to her.

“Good to know? Good luck even trying to get to them.”

I tried to reach under the table for her leg to call Lisa out on her bluff, but she thwarted my advances. In fact, I think I may have killed the mood because she was annoyed with my childish antics.

“Let’s just get the bill,” Lisa said and I reluctantly gave up my pursuit.

Our next stop was the movie theatre, but I couldn’t stop thinking about trying to tickle Lisa. My goal for a successful date was now whether or not I could get her boot off.

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