Contribution: Tricks, Tips, and Flops

Contributed by: “Axila”

Most of you are probably here for the same reason I am, and I’m going to take an educated guess that you’ve been in a situation where you’ve met a girl who made you think to yourself: “Damn, she’s absolutely adorable and I need to find a way to get her shoe separated from her foot.”

In high school this can pretty common, it can range from fellow students or even a teacher. Here are few tips and tricks that I’ve used in the past with much success but also a few warnings. The way you get her shoe off can either be made look like an accident or a prank if she’s comfortable around you.

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Contribution: Teenagers Have Fun

Contributed by: “Mark”

I was shopping at the mall when my attention shifted to a group of teenagers being exceptionally rowdy. There was a group of 6 of them, 5 boys and 1 girl. The girl seemed to be tagging along with the rowdy boys as they made their way through the mall, laughing at an obnoxiously high volume.

They were all dressed in skater style clothing. Jeans that didn’t seem to fit, skate shoes, and t-shirts with ironic band names or unbuttoned flannel shirts. The girl had a pair of black Vans, the type that are popular again today.

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Contribution: Pranked Downtown

Contributed by: Abzapthane

A few years ago, I was walking around downtown when I saw a group 4 or 5 college girls walk by. They were dressed in athletic wear, but they didn’t look like they had done any sports or exercise yet. I figure they were on the way to an event or something. The girls were happy, laughing while they walked down the streets. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, but one girl in particular caught my eye. She had a pair of athletic shoes hanging from her shoulder, tied at the laces. They were a pair of black and white Nike Free (similar to the picture added). I quickly did a double-take at the group and noticed all of them were wearing their running shoes. It didn’t make sense that one of them would have a pair of shoes hanging over her shoulder.

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