Bullied for Shoes

Alice was the daughter of one of my parents’ close friends. Growing up, I was around her often as she was my babysitter. She was 6 years older than I was, so when I was in grade school, she had started middle school. By the time Alice had entered high school, I was just learning how to multiply.

Alice did come from one of the more well off families as only her father had to work and they owned a nice home near the end of the school boundary. As a result of their location, Alice would always have to walk a block or two to the last school bus stop. She went to a decent public school in the area. It wasn’t great, as it had its fair share of bad apples, but it was better than most.

I’ve always thought of Alice as a sweet girl. I was obviously biased as she was the one who watched over me since I was learning how to count. It wasn’t until her junior year that I learned how cruel the world could really be.

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Careful Who You Tease

I had a really good group of friends in high school. We were fairly even numbered when it came to the boy-girl ratio. We spent every lunch hour together, usually hanging out in the cafeteria and playing cards. Apparently playing cards was frowned upon in our school because it was thought to be a precursor to gambling. Regardless, my friends and I thought we were so cool because we were rebelling against the system.

In our group, there was a girl named Jessica. She was the one that every guy wanted to be with. She knew it too. I had a crush on her the day I met her as a freshman, but I was just lucky enough to be considered her friend.

On this day, something special happened that made my heart absolutely flutter with joy. We were doing our usual, playing cards and chatting when Jessica hit an unbelievable patch of bad luck. She could not win a single game!

The rule in our group was that anyone who lost would have to shuffle the cards. By her fifth shuffle, Jessica had had enough. She tried to flirt her way out of losing her next hand against my good friend, Ken. Ken, who had a girlfriend at the time, was immune to Jessica’s charm and won. Upset, Jessica kicked him from under the table.

Jessica was a very fashionable girl, which is why many guys like her and probably why a lot of girls were jealous of her. She had on a pair of leather ankle boots that stretched to put on and take off intstead of  traditional zipper like the picture below. She wore skinny dark wash denim and a nice fashionable tshirt on top. It also just so happens that when she kicked Ken it was the heel of her boot that got him in the knee.


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