Wedding Fun

I’ve been lucky to have been invited to a few dozen weddings already – some more memorable than others. On this occasion, one of my friends, Kelly, was acting as the day-of coordinator and her main goals was to make sure that everything went off without a hitch. Included in this goal was to keep an eye on the children. There was a group of young children, all under the age of 8 since most of our friends were still young parents, that were getting rambunctious. Kelly had to do her thing and borderline scolded them like any impatient mother would.

I could tell that keeping the wedding together was putting a lot of pressure on Kelly as demonstrated by the way she handled the children. Kelly didn’t think much of them as they were getting on her nerves. Each time one of the children burst out during the ceremony, Kelly would shoot them the stinkeye.

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The Refund

I was hanging out with a woman I was seeing at the time. Let’s call her Carol. Carol and I were getting ready for our third date and decided to meet at the nearby mall downtown after work. Carol was dressed well, a beautiful white dress with black heels. I was a slob compared to her. My company didn’t have much of a dress code and I took full advantage of it.

As we were walking through the mall, Carol began to complain about her shoes not feeling right. She had just purchased a pair of brand new Guess pumps during the week and something was wrong with them. At first she assumed it was just because they were new, but the more she walked, the more it bothered her.

Finally, as she took another step, the sole of her brand new pump was beginning to separate from the shoe!

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Dance Like No One is Watching

I had a mutual friend in high school named Katie. I hung out with her a few times every now and then, but she was no more than a Facebook acquaintance at best. It wasn’t until she moved away and became the roommate of one of my best friends that I became closer to her.

Let me preface this by saying two things:

  1. This isn’t a specific story and isn’t really a shoe loss story, but rather a thought.
  2. The image attached here is just a random Google image

I learned from Katie that this whole shoeless situation was more of a state of mind than it was an activity or chore. Yes, I have friends who are deathly scared of being caught in public without shoes, so much so that even trying on shoes is a chore to them. Then there are those who read the situation, typically with a little alcohol they loosen up, and let loose. And then there were those like my friend Katie.

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